I’m Gone is Out!

I'm Gone has been released. My 40th song! This one is about needing to get away from things which is probably something we can all relate to. It's influenced heavily by The Ramones so it is fast and loud. I hope you enjoy it!

40th Song to be Released!

Hey, what's up? Just want to let you know that this Friday, May 26th I will be releasing my 40th song called I'm Gone. This one takes inspiration from The Ramones and is about needing to get away from it all. It's just two days away and I'm hoping you are going to enjoy it!

Check out Sometimes

Hey, if you haven't heard it already, my new song Sometimes was released back on May 12th. It's a song about needing to keep going event when life doesn't always go your way. You can check it out on all major streaming services.

New song…

Hey everyone. Spent the morning working on vocals for a new song I'm calling I'm Gone. It's about sometimes needing to get away from everything and have some "Me" time. This one is going to have a Ramones kinda vibe, except with some short guitar solos. I think you'll dig it.

Upcoming releases

Hey friends. Want to let you know about a couple new songs coming up. First, The Big Step will be released on April 14th. This is a fast paced song about sometimes just having to buckle down and move forward. Next, April 28th is the release date for A Dog's Day. A Dog's Day is a bluesy song about a dog that dreams of being rescued. This song was a departure from me doing everything on my own. The Latter Day Snakes helped me out on this one with...

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