Rooster Radio

I have some great news. There is a local internet radio station in Hamilton, Ohio called Rooster Radio that does a great job of supporting local music. I submitted all of my music to them and they have accepted it and will start playing it from time to time. You can check them out at the link here...

First Merch Sale

Hey everybody!!! I'm so excited to announce that I had my first merch sale yesterday. So whoever you are, I love you! Looking for something to cover your back? You too can get official Casey and the Nobodies merch. Just click on the Merch link in the menu and you are off to the races!

What’s up?

Hey everybody, what's up? Sorry I've been quiet but I haven't had much to blog about. Haven't been very busy with music. A little over a week ago, I sliced into my pinking finger on my fretting hand and am just now able to start playing guitar again. I'm going to start working on recording a song soon but haven't decided on which one to do. Anyway, thanks for checking in. Don't forget to check out my new releases and my merch page! Have a good...

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